Radio Jingles and Voice overs

The Radio jingles term relates to sounds that makeup a radio station sound, radio jingles are short items of music song with the name of the radio station you are listening to. It's been discovered that a musical message is often more memorable than a spoken one. Radio Jingles are also production elements which help the overall flow of the radio station and are today called radio imaging. They can bridge tempo changes, introduce news and traffic reports, punctuate promos, and add excitement to special features. Radio jingles can and should be fun! Whether it's something crazy for the morning show. Or a romantic sound for late night dedications. Radio Jingles are part of the "showbiz" magic of radio.

The sounds or imaging as it is collectively known will serve two purposes. The first is to identify the radio station; the second is to advertise something on the programming or show. Soft music requires soft elements and harder music requires harder elements broadly. The sounds normally like the station name and frequency are made up of the number of elements, namely a voice above or voiceovers, some sonic or put simply sound results and perhaps music. These factors are fused with each other in an editing suite to build personal small messages that are called ident or jingles

Good Radio jingles help create a unique identity that only your station will have. Every radio station builds its product with the same basic tools: music, information, features, on-air personalities, contests and so on. But Radio Jingles are one way to put an individual touch on a station's sound. The musical style and attitude of the radio jingles tell listeners what they can expect from the station. And many times a slogan or positioning statements delivered most effectively in a musical context with a well-produced Radio jingles. Radio Jingles have also transferred to TV advertising and most jingle companies produce Radio jingles for TV and radio.

Any time you listen to your favorite radio station. You’re likely to hear a Radio Jingles announcing the name of that station or a short clip explaining the latest promotional contest. And whenever the radio station goes on break, you'll hear commercials or, in the case of public radio, sponsorship messages. All these clips are recorded by Radio Jingles professionals and without them; the radio experience would be quite different.

The radio is more than just a place for DJs to spins music. All kinds of voice-overs are required to keep a radio station running smoothly. These include promotional messages, commercials, Radio Jingles, and radio show introductions. Radio voice-over artists work stations spanning every genre of music, as well as talk stations, sports stations, religious or faith-based stations and public radio stations. Often, Radio jingles and voice-over artists working in radio will work in television as well, jumping from one area of the voice-over industry to the next.

The benefits of including Radio Jingles on air are that they remind the listener of the station they are listening to. A voice-over can introduce the station, the type of music, and what the listeners can expect while listening to the station, the type of music, and what the listeners can expect while listening to the station, which keeps them tuned in.

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